What Is Special about Anderson Teak?

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When it comes to high-quality outdoor furniture, Anderson Teak stands out as a prominent name in the industry. With their commitment to excellence and craftsmanship, Anderson Teak has gained recognition for producing durable and stylish furniture pieces made from teak wood.

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What is Anderson Teak?

Anderson Teak is a manufacturer and exporter of fine wooden furniture. The company specializes in the production and distribution of high-quality premium teak outdoor furniture.

Anderson Teak Manufacturer Premium Outdoor Furniture - Home Bars USAThe History of Anderson Teak Furniture

Anderson Teak company was established in the year 2000 and first started as a manufacturer of teak outdoor furniture located in Central Java, Indonesia where the best teak grows. The company has its own teak plantations area in Java island, in addition to an 18,000 sq feet manufacture plant.

In 2002, Anderson Teak business grew and they opened a distributing company based in California, USA to facilitate the needs of their customers of having better shopping and services experience.

Anderson Furniture is committed to producing the highest quality furniture using only the finest timbers. They assure that "the possibilities are endless, the choice, quite simply yours…"


Anderson Teak Furniture Production

Anderson Teak offers a wide range of outdoor furniture options that are used every day, all over the world, in homes either in bedrooms, study-rooms or playrooms. The most popular choices are teak dining sets, teak benches, teak chairs, teak loungers, teak deep seating, and teak accessories.

The products are crafted using traditional woodworking techniques and are designed to withstand outdoor elements, making them suitable for both residential and commercial settings. Many products can be used outside the house for outdoor activities.

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What Is the Best Quality Teak?

Teak Grades A are teak of finest quality. The term refers to timber taken from the heart of wood in a fully grown wood. Teak of grades A is identified with uniform golden-brown colour, a close grain, and glossy surfaces which smell oils.


How Do You Tell the Grade of Teak?

Determining the grade of teak is not complicated thing if you pay attention to a few things. You need to look and check the color, grain pattern, density and weight, knots and imperfections.

For example, to achieve a Grade A Teak, the timber should have sprung from its core or heartwood in the older trees. Grade A teak has little knots, an attractive colour, the most pure oil, but no streaks. The teak is cut using machines that guarantee accuracy and is dried using a special process.

If you plan to purchase online, you need to read carefully the description of the products to answer the questions you might have. If you still can't determine or understand the grande of teak or have some other clarifying questions, it's always better to call or send an email to the manufacturer or an authorized dealer to confirm.

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What Is the Difference Between Grade A and Grade B Teak?

Teak Grade A is considered the ideal outdoor piece because of its uniformity of finish, shade and toughness. Grade B teak obtained from inner heartwood sections. Its darker color compared to the teak grade A has a uniform grain and less luster with little less oil content than A-grade teak.


Is Teak a Good Wood for Furniture?

Teak is a durable hardwood that makes it the best material for outdoor furnishings and lasts longer. Originally employed in ship building in the late medieval period, today it is used in many areas where furniture is necessary.

Is Teak Furniture Expensive?

Teak woods main advantage lies in their price. Even though, teak wood can be considered as expensive, it's definitely not the costliest hardwood available. But it will for sure last for a long time and you don't need to invest in new furniture.

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Is Teak Really Worth It?

Teak has long been considered as the strongest wood and is extremely resistant to extreme temperatures rotting and warping, and the wood can also last a long time even without a proper maintenance.

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