About Us

Founded in 2015, Home Bars USA is a place of haven. Operated by a close-knit, passionate team of wine enthusiasts, craft beer fans and spirits lovers who take pleasure in drinking from the comfort of their homes. With passion and experience dealing with home bar furniture, it’s a guarantee that Home Bars USA knows the product line by heart.

Our mission is to provide a killer selection of hallmark home bar furniture catering to each customer’s personal style and budget. From sleek and contemporary to classic and cozy, you’ll truly find your perfect match and take home entertaining to the next level!

But wait! The fun doesn’t end there. To complete your central hub for entertainment, we’ve covered the extra essentials for you – from bar tables, wine racks, poker tables to bar stools.

Because you deserve only the best, at Home Bars USA, one-on-one assistance is offered for a truly personalized experience.

A long busy day deserves a relaxing nightcap at home. Why go out to a bar when you can bring the bar to your place?