Is a Bar Table the Same as a Counter Table?

Is a Bar Table the Same as a Counter Table?

The essential part of any home bar is a space where you can mix and serve the drinks to your guests. For that, you will need a table. There are a few differences that you need to keep in mind while searching for your perfect table. 

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The Difference between Counter Height Tables and Bar Height Tables

The tables are very similar in style but they are not the same. The table height is probably the major difference that you need to consider before purchasing. While the exact measurements vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, there are some general rules that will help you to distinguish a bar table from a counter table. A bar height table is usually a table between 41” and 46” (104 and 117cm) while a counter height table is a table with a surface height of 34” to 39” (86 to 99cm). 

Bar Height Table and Counter Height Table - Home Bars USA

Counter Height Tables

Counter height tables are normally the same height as the average height of a kitchen. So if you have your home bar in a kitchen, a counter height bar table will be a better solution. You can use it not only as a home bar space but also as an additional prep surface. Also, a counter height table creates a more comfortable and less formal atmosphere for people to have a casual conversation.

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Bar Height Tables

Bar height tables were named after pubs and bars due to the height of the tables. The bar height tables are relatively narrow and can be the perfect solution for smaller spaces. In addition, the space feels a bit more open because the tables are being higher than normal and it takes up less of the valuable floor space. Similarly to the counter height tables, the bar height tables provide casual intimacy and encourage socializing, especially between people who are sitting and standing.

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