A Black Liquor Cabinet for Different Occasions

A Black Liquor Cabinet for Different Occasions - Home Bars USA

A black bar cabinet is the perfect accessory to mix and mingle in your home. There is a great variety of bar types that serve different purposes and designed for different occasions. Depending on if you need it for liquors, spirits or wines, or maybe for all of them at once, you should make sure there is enough storage and shelves.

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What Is a Black Liquor Cabinet?

A black bar liquor cabinet is a piece of furniture designed to store different types of liquor and wine. You can find it in various forms and shades of black finish.


Where to Place a Black Bar Cabinet?

The beauty of black bar cabinets is that they are universal. Most of the times, it is easy to find a perfect spot in a living room, a kitchen, a dinning room or in any empty space where nothing else fits.


The 10 Types of Black Bar Cabinets

When you shop for a bar cabinet, it might be a good idea to know not only a price but also what types of black bar cabinets exist. Home Bars USA has prepared a list with the 10 most common types of bar cabinets.

Traditional Black Liquor Cabinet

The Howard Miller Cabernet Hills Wine & Bar Console 695002 is a liquor cabinet in traditional style with heavily distressed Worn Black finish. It features a wine rack with a storage for up to 14 bottles of favorite liquor. This bar cabinet will look perfect in a dining room or a kitchen.

Black Corner Liquor Cabinet

The RAM Game Room Corner Bar Cabinet in Black is a stylish and effective item to use a corner. This bar cabinet designed a shape to fit a corner, it has very affordable price and great addition for any home. The large shelves can store any category of liquor or wine. The included mirror inside of the bar cabinet will keep your area looking spacious.

Black Metal Bar Liquor Cabinet

The Howard Miller Al Fresco Wine & Bar Console 695216 is a metal cabinet with an Aged Iron Black finish. Removable metal wine rack in the lower cabinet holds up to 16 bottles. A perfect place for this piece of furniture is a living room but four cast iron wheels make it easy to move it around.

Vintage Black Liquor Cabinet

The Authentic Models Polo Club Bar in Black is crafted on Mahogany wood in the style of turn-of-the-century travel trunks. Big enough for pur-sang bartending but small enough to fit into a chic studio. Two-part bar inside a small trunk set on sturdy wheels. Store and have your drinks in a vintage style. Complete it with a decorative item; for example, with a cute sign.

Classic Full Scale Black Bar

The Howard Miller Northport Bar 693009 is a full scale bar in a classical style finished in Burnished Black. If you search for something that can accommodate a big family and a large group of friends, this raised panel bar is perfect. It has plenty of storage for any bar related item and can fit liquor bottles, wine bottles and all necessary appliances.

Black Whiskey Cabinet

The Authentic Models Grand Club Whiskey Cabinet is a black bar designed to create your own private whiskey club. The smell of leather, the feel of rich wood, the warm glow of subdued lighting. No any extra item is needed. Check the whiskey bottles, add the glasses and let the first guest to enter.

Black Hide-a-Bar Cabinet

The Howard Miller Sambuca Wine & Bar Cabinet 695142 is finished in Worn Black on select materials. You can find a storage space for up to 22 bottles of wine with a generous amount of room in the doors for liquor bottles. There is space for any item. There are plenty of options where to place it. This hide-a-bar cabinet like a chameleon is perfect for many interior design styles.

Belle Époque Style Black Liquor Cabinet

The Authentic Models Stateroom Bar in Black clear for fun and functionality coalescing into an impressive piece of historic proportions. This category of bar cabinets gives a number of options where to place it as it is perfect for park and lock it somewhere close at hand. Add a page or two of favorite cocktails and you are set for a good time.

Black Wine Cabinet

The Howard Miller Piedmont VII Corner Wine & Bar Cabinet 690048 is designed in Black Satin finish for wine enthusiasts. If you have a large collection, create a list of wine and add a category section with options you prefer the most. You can devote each page to different category of wine.

Modern Black Liquor Cabinet

The Authentic Models Art Deco Whiskey Cabinet in Black is the best bar cabinet to show off your liquor or whiskey collection. Place it in a living room to add an elegant but modern touch to your home interior design. This black bar cabinet can be decorated with an item or two to complete it and match with the rest of home interior.


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