Discontinued Howard Miller Home Bar Furniture

Discontinued Howard Miller Home Bar Furniture at Home Bars USA

Examining, refining and streamlining the Home Bar Furniture is of supreme importance to Howard Miller Company. Retiring older products is not easy but sometimes it has to be done because it helps to ensure that we can offer to our customers the best possible products across our various collections. 

In the spirit of continuous improvement and as a result of changing market conditions, the products listed below have been obsoleted or discontinued by the supplier for various reasons and are no longer available or being manufactured. While specific product information is not updated once a product has been retired and that product may no longer be available for purchase, support information is available. We appreciate your understanding and if you have any questions regarding support for a product, please contact Home Bars USA here.

Have a look at our Coming Soon section to have a peek at the Home Bar Furniture that is being built and will be available in the near future.

Find a full selection of products offered at Home Bars USA here.


Retired Home Bar Furniture in 2021


  • Howard Miller Happy Hour Wine & Bar Console 695184
  • Howard Miller Homestead Wine & Bar Cabinet 695144
  • Howard Miller Walker Bay Wine & Bar Console 695158


  • Howard Miller Sidecar Wine & Bar Cabinet 695209
  • Howard Miller Woodrow Barstool 697036


  • Howard Miller Butler Wine & Bar Console 695074


  • Howard Miller Good Cheer Wine & Bar Console 695203


  • Howard Miller Socialize II Wine Cabinet 690042


  • Howard Miller Butler II Wine & Bar Cabinet 695282
  • Howard Miller Potters Creek II Wine & Bar Cabinet 695284
  • Howard Miller Open Cellar Wine & Bar Cabinet 695198
  • Howard Miller Bottoms Up Wine & Bar Console 695180
  • Howard Miller Socialize IV Wine Cabinet 690044
  • Howard Miller Metro Barkeep Wine & Bar Cabinet 695204


Retired Home Bar Furniture in 2022


  • Howard Miller Bev Trolley Bar 693040


  • Howard Miller Shooter Wine & Bar Console 695214


  • Howard Miller Socialize III Wine & Bar Cabinet 690043


Retired Home Bars Furniture in 2024


  • Howard Miller Chaperone II Wine & Bar Cabinet 690037


  • Howard Miller Wiley Bar & Wine Cabinet 695296


  • Howard Miller Chaperone III Wine & Bar Cabinet 690038
  • Howard Miller Passport III Wine & Bar Cabinet 695263


  • Howard Miller Niagara Game Table 699013


  • Howard Miller Chaperone Wine & Bar Cabinet 690036


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