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Have you ever felt, every now and then, that you want to come home, sit after a hard day in your favorite chair and relax with a favorite drink in hand? Then you might want to consider getting ahome mini bar that will complete your perfect chill evening at home.

If you search on the internet, you might find a lot of cool chic home bar ideas but getting scared that you will need to do many changes in the room. Home Bars USA believes that creating a home mini bar requires only two steps - get a piece of furniture that will fit your interior design and add bottles of your favorite liquor and glasses.


What is a Good Home Mini Bar?

A home mini bar will give you an opportunity to provide a space where you and your guests can relax or entertain. Every good home mini bar will have a few things in commonIn order to create a perfect mini bar area, you should keep in mind that they have a few things:

  1. The style of your room. A home mini bar should go along with the atmosphere of the room and aesthetically fit with the interior design.
  2. Functionality. There should be enough space for a few bottles and essential utensils. Check if it has storage for those things.
  3. Mobility. It’s always a good idea to have a home mini bar with the wheels. This way you can hide it if it’s necessary. 
  4. Easy to assemble. The idea of a home mini bar is to spend a little amount of time from ordering to having your first drink. 

Now, let’s see the list of different home mini bars that prove to you that it's completely possible to design a functional and attractivedrink station in even the smallest of nooks.


Choose Your Perfect Home Mini Bar

A modernHoward Miller Firewater Wine & Bar Cabinet and a traditionalHoward Miller Aged Century Wine & Bar Cabinet are perfect options for a home mini bar. They are narrow and tall, and will look great in an empty corner or in a narrow space where nothing else fits.

Tall Home Mini Bar - Home Bars USA


A squareHoward Miller Stir Stick Wine & Bar Cabinet and a roundHoward Miller Half Pint Wine & Bar Cabinet are the multi functional home mini bars. They’ve got everything you can wish for! A serving place on the top, a storage space for bottles and glasses in the middle, and the wheels on the bottom.

 Short Home Mini Bar - Home Bars USA

The woodenAnderson Teak Montego Bar Table is a very functional, practical and perfect for serving home mini bar. What is unique about this very stylish and elegant bar table is that you can place it outside.

Anderson Teak Montego Bar Table - Home Bars USA


The expandableHoward Miller Tipple Wine & Bar Console looks just like a regular small cabinet but with a few touches it becomes a drinking station for a small group of people. This hide-a-bar is a great choice to set up your home mini bar.

Howard Miller Tipple Wine & Bar Console - Home Bars USA


The vintage-inspiredRAM Gameroom Bar Cabinet with Wine Rack in Chestnut and Howard Miller Cognac Wine & Bar Console can store not only bottles and supplies but also party decorations, and it can help to create a fun and festive atmosphere.

RAM Gameroom Bar Cabinet with Wine Rack in Chestnut and Howard Miller Cognac Wine & Bar Console - Home Bars USA

The Monarch Cappuccino Bar Cart With A Serving Tray On Castors is a cart-style mini bar with a wine rack, stemware storage, a removable tray top, and towel bars. Its black casters make it easy to move the cart from room to room or serve your guests.

Monarch Cappuccino Bar Cart With A Serving Tray On Castors - Home Bars USA

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