How to Disguise a Home Bar?

How to Disguise a Home Bar - Home Bars USA

Thinking of setting up a home bar that is going to be conspicuous in the middle of your living room, kitchen or dining room? Then you need to find a proper way to hide it from view so that guests have no idea that it's there unless you're entertaining. Fortunately, there are a few ways to disguise your home bar and make the best of your space and create a perfect entertaining area.


Add Some Serious Storage with a Hide-a-Bar Cabinet

A Hide-a-Bar cabinet is a bar cabinet that doesn't look like a traditional bar cabinet. On the outside, these bar cabinets look like elegant furniture pieces, but inside, you can find storage space for keeping your collection of wines, liquors and tools all in one place and easily accessible. There are plenty of styles that will be an ideal fit for any interior design. 

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Hide-a-Bar-cabinet - Home Bars USA


Bring Entertainment with a Rolling Bar

Another option to hide your home bar is to roll it out of sight and bring it back when it’s needed. Some home bar cabinets have wheels that offer mobility and convenience. Your home bar will appear in front of your guests out of nowhere when it’s time for drinks and disappears again when you need extra space for dancing.

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Rolling Home Bar Cabinet - Home Bars USA


Make the Most of Your Corners with a Bar Console

When it comes to the corners, sometimes we find ourselves wondering how to make the most of that space. Putting there a bar console can help to unleash the sheer power of one of the corners. Normally, a bar console is smaller in size than a bar cabinet which makes it a perfect choice if you want a home bar that is less visible. At the same time, you can decorate the top of the bar console with books, lamps and other objects that fit the interior design of your home.

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Use a Temporary Coverup for Exposed Shelves

If you already have a home bar and want to make it less obvious in the room, you can create a temporary cover up. The ideal solution is to hide it with something that can be easily removed. For example, you can hang curtains or arrange a trifold screen around the bar to keep your home bar off the sight.


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