Whiskey Cabinet to Store Your Liquor Collection

Whiskey Cabinet to Store Your Liquor Collection

A Home Bar Whiskey Cabinet is an excellent and elegant solution for those who collected more than a handful of whisky bottles. A whiskey cabinet will help you to store your collection safely and keep it organized. Some collectors prefer to organize their whiskey bottles by name, whisky style or country of origin, while others stratify them by how often the bottles are being opened and tasted. 

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How to Store Your Whiskey Bottles

Even though storing whiskey is relatively easy, there are some rules or suggestions that might be helpful. It is recommended to protect your whiskey collection from strong sunlight, temperature extremes, and the risk of water damage. It is also better to keep the bottles in a room where you spend your time often as it helps to reduce the risks of environmental damage. For example, extreme heat can cause significant volume loss.

It is normal to have multiple bottles open at a time but try to keep open only the number of bottles you can finish within a four month period. When storing open bottles, it is important to limit the influence of oxygen by simply replacing the cork. Try to avoid having nearly-empty bottles as they only take up precious space. By finishing those bottles, you have a great opportunity to free storage space for new bottles.


How to Display Whiskey Collection

Owning and displaying a collection of fine whiskies is one of the great pleasures for collectors. The best way to show off your collection is by having a whiskey cabinet or a home bar. A whiskey cabinet is called a cellarette or cellaret and usually they come with some type of security such as a lock to protect the contents. Additionally, it is better to choose museum-quality lighting that can bring out the gorgeous colors of the liquid without affecting the inks on the labels or warming up the contents.


Best Home Bar Cabinets to Display Whiskey 

1. Shiraz Bar Console by Howard Miller

Howard Miller Shiraz Wine & Bar Console 695084 - Home Bars USA

Top Features:

  • Generous storage for bottles
  • Adjustable shelves
  • Adjustable levelers for stability
2. Models Casablanca Lounge Bar by Authentic

Authentic Models Casablanca Lounge Bar - Home Bars USA

Top Features:

  • Durable
  • Stain-protected canvas
  • Pull out shelves with additional space or a selection of games, such as poker and chess
3. Pandora Bar Console by Howard Miller

Howard Miller Pandora Wine & Bar Console 695246 - Home Bars USA

Top Features:

  • Portable Hide-a-Bar cabinet
  • 180 degree door hinges
  • Accessory drawer for ample utensil storage
4. Cappuccino Bar Unit With Bottle And Glass Storage by Monarch

Monarch Cappuccino 42"H Bar Unit With Bottle And Glass Storage - Home Bars USA

Top Features:

  • Ample shelf space for bottle storage
  • Large serving surface
  • Combination of features and functionality
5. Sambuca Bar Cabinet by Howard Miller

Howard Miller Sambuca Wine & Bar Cabinet 695142 - Home Bars USA

Top Features:

  • Ample liquor storage
  • Front locking doors
  • Laminated lift-up shelves inside each drawer for extra work surface
6. Models Stateroom Bar In Ivory by Authentic

Authentic Models Stateroom Bar In Ivory - Home Bars USA

Top Features:

  • Portability
  • Unique design
  • Storage for horizontal and vertical bottles

Add a grandfather clock to create a unique interior design and complement your Whiskey Cabinet. 


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