Why Choose a Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

Why Choose a Zero Gravity Massage Chair? - Home Bars USA

With hectic and busy schedules, getting a massage at the end of the day feels like a luxury but in reality, it’s a necessary thing that can bring great benefits to your life. If you don’t have enough time or resources to go to a masseuse, the leading furniture technology of zero gravity massage chairs can be a great alternative that comes to the rescue. Home Bars USA put together the reasons why you should get a zero gravity massage chair.

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What is a Zero Gravity Massage Chair?

There are various types of massage chairs, like 3D or 4D massage chairs, and when you are looking for one, you will most likely come across zero gravity massage chairs. But what is a zero gravity massage chair? Is it just another sales trick?

Even though the name states ‘zero gravity’, it won’t float off into space. Thistechnology was designed by NASA for the astronauts on the mission to escape some of the Earth’s gravitational pressure on the body as it launches through the atmosphere of Earth.

Azero gravity massage chair is a recliner suspended in a way that it replicates the launch chairs for astronauts in order to obtain the perfect weight distribution optimizing blood circulation and reducing pressure throughout your body. Thezero gravity position allows you to recline all the way back to the neutral body posture with no acting force on it. It raises your legs above your heart level and evenly distributes your body weight creating a sense of weightlessness by taking stress off your spine.

In comparison to the traditional massage chairs, the zero gravity massage chairs feature more luxury options from heating to smart wake-up programs even at the relatively lower price. Moreover, this type of chair has a higher variety of materials (including vegan options), colors (more than just traditional black) and styles (from simple to elaborate designs). Another nice addition is that they take up much less space and fit easily in most interiors.


How Does a Zero Gravity Massage Chair Work?

Before we look at how a zero gravity chair works, we should understand what the zero gravity position is.

The zero gravity position in the massage chair means:

  • Your knees are bent at 120° angle (hips at equal angles from torso and thighs) putting your body in the “zero stress zone”
  • Elevated legs to about chest level reduce stress on the heart
  • The upper body is elevated with the heart and stomach being slightly below the head and knees

So, how does a massage chair work to achieve this position? Explaining further. 

The massage chairs achieve the zero gravity position in two steps:

  1. The back of the massage chair reclines to level your back and thighs
  2. The leg rest elevates to raise your legs above your heart

Benefits of Zero Gravity Massage Chair for Your Physical & Mental Health

The Zero Gravity Massage Chairs are more than just for relaxing, they also have enhanced health benefits for people of all ages. Getting a massage with the zero gravity position has proven healthbenefits from treating muscle pain to reducing stress and anxiety. 

A regular use of a zero gravity massage chair can help:

  • Improving Blood Circulation. The elevated position helps the heart to pump blood easier and as a result the whole body is functioning better.
  • Reducing Back Pain. The body weight is evenly distributed and has much less pressure and stress on your vertebrae.
  • Reducing Muscle Pain and Joint Swelling. The blood flow improves significantly muscle and joint pain from conditions such as arthritis.
  • Relieving Spinal Cord Compression. Taking the weight off of your spine helps with pain or stiffness in the neck, numbness in the legs, hands, and arms, and other symptoms.

Eliminating the physical pain helps to improve your mental health and the overall quality of life.


The 5 Best Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

We’ve put together our five favorite zero gravity massage chairs that we think have the best quality, features and style.

  1. TheKyota Nokori Syner-D Massage Chair M980 is the flagship of the Kyota lineup. Its refined design is partnered with the most advanced massage technology available to ensure this massage chair not only looks incredible but feels incredible too.
  2. TheInfinity Dynasty 4D Massage Chair has everything you need to feel productive every day, whether you are winding down from a day at the office, recovering from a workout, or just need to recharge.
  3. TheSharper Image Relieve 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair is a premium massage chair that offers maximum therapeutic benefit. It is filled with innovative technology, tailored to your body’s needs.
  4. TheInfinity Smart Chair X3 3D/4D Massage Chair provides a deep tissue full-body massage. It's the perfect massage chair for relief from your neck to all the way to your feet.
  5. TheKyota Yutaka 4D Massage Chair M898 will immerse you in the maximum coverage from your neck and shoulders, down your back, your arms, palms, your complete calves and feet.
Is a Zero Gravity Massage Chair Worth the Expense? 

That's a decision that is better left to the consumer. Some people prefer the convenience and effectiveness of the zero gravity massage chair and the investment is completely justifiable. Others prefer to visit a human massage therapist.

Massage therapy is an essential self-care routine that will positively affect your mental and physical health. If you have difficulties deciding which zero gravity massage chair is the best option for you, contact us for assistance.

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