How to Choose a Corner Curio Cabinet

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If you look around your house or office, most likely you will find an empty corner where nothing looks good. Well, we have good news for you. It’s possible to make that awkward corner not only functional but also stylish. A corner curio cabinet is an extension of style and a perfect solution for the corners where nothing else goes. 

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What Is a Corner Curio Cabinet?

Acorner curio cabinet is a piece of furniture with a corner design where you can display collections of several objects. The construction is usually tall and narrow with multiple shelves providing ample storage space. Thevacation souvenirs, family heirlooms and photos, and other items that have emotional or material value are perfect examples of what can be shown off.


What are Corner Curio Cabinets Made of?

There are various materials used to make corner curio cabinets but the most popular ones areglass,wood andmetal. The glass is used for the doors and sometimes for the shelves. The frame is crafted from the wood or metal and occasionally a combination of both. Another important material is amirror inside of a corner curio cabinet at the back for enhancing the viewing.


What is the Purpose of a Corner Curio Cabinet?

Basically, a corner curio cabinet combines functionality with design. But there are three major reasons to get a corner curio cabinet.

  1. To protect your collectibles. It keeps your valuables behind the door to safeguard them from contact with dust, insects and people which can cause damages.
  2. To display your valuables. At the same time, it’s open for the eyes of your guests to admire the items that are important to you.
  3. To maximize the use of space. The corner design allows it to be tucked neatly into a dull corner of your house or an office and helps to keep your collections organized.

What to Put in a Corner Curio Cabinet?

You can display in a corner curio cabinetanything that fits inside and what you want to showcase. The owners of curio cabinets place items of significance, dishes, family photos, trophies and diplomas, heirlooms, antiques, collectibles, souvenirs, trinkets and much more. There is really no limit to what can go inside of a corner curio cabinet.


What are the Best Corner Curio Cabinets?

Premier Clocks have prepared a list with some of the best corner curio cabinets. Our picks are based on the quality, shelf adjustability, and weight capacity.

Howard Miller Tamsin III Corner Curio Cabinet 680722 is a black corner display in modern design withseven adjustable levels of display space.It’smade in the USA and available in Silver, Espresso and Gloss White.


Howard Miller Lynwood Corner Curio Cabinet 680345 is a classic lighted curio display with four glass shelves that offer ample space. The light switch is easy to reach making it simple to turn the cabinet’s illumination on and off.


Howard Miller Marlowe IV Corner Curio Cabinet 680665 is a white curio display. It has a classic design and detailed styling. Four adjustable glass shelves offer five levels of display with continuous holes for shelf adjustment.


Howard Miller Delia Corner Curio Cabinet 680641 provides a total of seven display levels with six adjustable shelves. There are adjustable levelers under each corner allowing to place the curio on uneven floors and carpeting.


Howard Miller Jaime Corner Curio Cabinet 680609 is great for small spaces and equipped with four adjustable glass shelves and five levels of display. A Black Satin finish complements any interior color scheme.


Curio cabinets are an interesting way to enhance your home. If you have any questions or need assistant, please contact us


You can also choose a curio grandfather clock that combines both a floor clock and a curio cabinet.


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