What are the Most Popular Designs of Corner Home Bars?

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A long time ago, home bars became a part of home plans and interior designs. Some homes have a luxury opportunity to devote a whole room for a full scale home bar where it is possible to entertain a large group of guests and display an extensive bottle collection. Other homes have just enough space for a hidden bar or a mini bar cart. Despite the fact how much space you have, home bar furniture will provide a secure and organized storage space for the collection of wines and spirits as well as a space to prepare and serve drinks. 

Often, we findempty corners in our homes and wonder how to take advantage of that lost space. Acorner home bar is an elegant and efficient solution to the problem of where a bar would perfectly fit. Corner home bars exist in various designs, sizes, features and it will give a great pleasure to look for the one that fits your corner.

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Here are some corner home bar designs for your inspiration.

1. Tall Corner Home Bars 

This type of corner bar will have a cabinet-style design and it will be perfect if you plan to have a bigger collection of wines and spirits and would like to have an additional space for mixing and serving drinks as well as keeping cocktail bar-worthy equipment.

  • Piedmont Corner Wine & Bar Cabinet by Howard Miller is a traditionally styled cabinet that combines plentiful storage with a convenient space-saving corner design. The lower cabinet features a metal wine rack with a capacity of 13 bottles, and two fixed shelves, which offer storage for spirits, mixers, and bartender's guides.

Tall Corner Home Bars Ideas - Home Bars USA 

2. Narrow Corner Home Bars

This bar design will be perfect for a small corner in a small room where nothing else fits. Additional suggestion is to choose a taller bar that has mirrors. A tall narrow bar cabinet with mirrors will help to make your space look bigger than it actually is. 

  • Aged Century Wine & Bar Cabinet by Howard Miller is finished in an aged iron and includes solid wood accents finished in rustic hardwood. The wine cabinet features distinctive legs, a mirrored upper back, an upper shelf for storage, and a lower work surface. The end result is a piece that is both useful and beautiful. Never worry about wine and barware storage again. A metal stemware rack holds up to 12 large wine glasses and a wooden wine bottle rack in the lower cabinet holds up to 20 bottles. 

Howard Miller Aged Century Wine & Bar Cabinet 695264 - Home Bars USA


3. Corner Bars for Home Decor 

Storing your wine, liquor, and barware is about more than practicality. If you tend to add various decor elements to your space, consider getting a corner home bar that will enhance your decor. The design of the bar will play a key role. To show off your collection, choose a bar for your corner with glass doors. At the same time, when the bar is not being used, you can turn it into a traditional piece of furniture and place a few decorative items, frames, plants, or fruit bowls on the prep space.

  • Cognac Wine & Bar Console by Howard Miller offers a revolving door for convenient wine and spirits storage and serving area in a small space. This handsome cabinet features reeded columns with acanthus leaf column caps, three raised panels on the front, antique hardware and carved bun feet. A drop-down shelf features a laminated surface for mixing and serving drinks. The lower drawer stores a double layer of wine bottles, with a capacity of 10 bottles.

Howard Miller Cognac Wine & Bar Console 695078 - Home Bars USA 

4. Home Bar Designs for an Apartment Corner

Another practical solution is a bar cart that looks like other pieces of furniture in your apartment but has wheels for easy transportability. You will be able to bring this home bar closer to where you have drinks and put it back in a corner when you don’t use it or need extra space for dancing or playing games.

  • Al Fresco Wine & Bar Console by Howard Miller is a portable cabinet that is finished on all sides and includes four cast iron wheels with a metal pin to lock a wheel in place and prevent movement. Additionally, it has a removable metal wine rack in the lower cabinet that holds up to 16 bottles.

Howard Miller Al Fresco Wine & Bar Console 695216 - Home Bars USA


5. Corner Bar with a Wine Storage

A perfect corner bar for the wine lovers will be the one that is specifically designed to store and display wine collection. The bar design prioritizes storage for wine bottles but at the same time, it includes a space to store other spirits and a surface to prepare drinks.

  • Cappuccino 36"H Bar Unit by Monarch is a stylish and contemporary bar unit that encompasses a design that is ideal for entertaining your guests. It features two doors with hanging glass storage and a wine rack that can hold up to 15 wine bottles. The shelving area is great for making cocktails or displaying bar accessories.

Monarch Cappuccino 36"H Bar Unit With Bottle And Glass Storage - Home Bars USA


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