Home Bar Cabinet Furniture

Home Bar Cabinet Furniture

Having a home bar is a great idea to shake things up at your home interior and to relax after a long day or host a gathering that will bring a totally new vibe. You can create a lounge atmosphere at your bonus room or garage with a full scale bar, set an entertaining corner at your kitchen with a bar cabinet or just have a simple bar cart in your living room. Despite what kind of home bar you are looking for, there are plenty of options to create the jaw-dropping home bar space for any style and interior design that will bring you and your guests a lot of fun.

Bar cabinet is a combination of a bar storage and character that gives a leisurely feel to any room. While most of the bar cabinets have similar multifunctional features, each bar cabinet often has a special purpose. 

Liquor Bar Cabinet

Liquor bar cabinet is often tailored for a specific purpose to offer more organized storage space for your favorite wine and spirits as well as for stemware and cocktail ingredients. These home bars are simple in style but with plenty of room to store an ever-expanding home bar liquor collection that can be easily accessed when the cocktail-hour comes. Some of the liquor cabinets have prep space for mixing up a cocktail for yourself and your guests. 

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Liquor bar cabinet - Home Bars USA

Corner Bar Cabinet

Corner bar cabinets have effective designs to make the most of the corner space to stretch the functionality of any room. This type of home bar is compact and ideal choice for a first bar cabinet as it is more discreet, can be placed in multipurpose rooms and maximizes the usage of the space. The optimal design of a corner bar cabinet is a tall and slim shape that takes advantage of vertical space. This way it will provide maximum storage space and at the same time take up very little floor space of the room. Additionally, placing a corner bar cabinet in a living room will save you the trips between the kitchen and bar area. 

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Corner Bar Cabinet - Home Bars USA

Wine Bar Cabinet

Wine bar cabinetis stylish and functional home bars that are made for a wine aficionado. These bar cabinets provide extra storage for wine bottles while a wine rack stores your wine safely. Often, wine bar cabinets feature additional storage space on the back of each door for spirits and other bar necessities. Moreover, wine bar cabinets are furniture piece that enhances a living room's grace and elegance. 

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Wine Bar Cabinet - Home Bars USA

Rolling Bar Cabinet

Rolling bar cabinet is a mobile counterpart of the classic form of a bar cabinet. Mobile bar cabinet is often referred to as the bar cart and has caster wheels meaning that you can roll it around the room or house. This type of home bar is designed with ultimate function. Its mobility gives an opportunity to stay in intimate settings to talk and relax without the need to leave the room. 

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Rolling Bar Cabinet - Home Bars USA


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