Mid Century Modern Bar Cabinet Ideas

Mid Century Modern Bar Cabinet Ideas - Home Bars USA

Mid century modern (which is often referred to as "MCM") is an iconic style that is inspired by another era and originated during the middle of the 20th century. This period was significant by the end of the Second World War and the booming economy of North America afterwards. 

Theaesthetic trendsof that period were influenced by the desire to reflect anoptimistic outlook as well as to have more efficient andfunctional designs. These influences in the combination with advances in science and technology shaped the mid century modern style. 

The distinguishing features of mid century modern that cannot be found in other styles make it easy to recognise it. Mid century modern is straightforward in nature bringing functionality and simplicity to home furniture and decor. Special attention is paid to the materials that are used - the combination of wood, metal, glass, and vinyl creates a unique look

The key elementsof the mid century modern style: 

  • geometric, clean lines and minimal fuss
  • organic and geometric patterns
  • natural materials like wood, metal and leather
  • bold patterns
  • multipurpose furniture

With the rise of popularity of mid century modern style, there is no need to seek and spend a lot of money forauthentic pieces. Nowadays, manufacturers have designed furniture with mid century modern style in mind while updating it withcontemporary elements to meet the needs of the current lifestyle.

When designing your home in the mid century modern style, it is important to make sure that furniture and decor complement each other. This style can overwhelm your room with its bright and bold trends. Strike theright balance when incorporating mid century modern style to your space. Interior designers suggest starting by bringing justa few iconic elements to the room that match perfectly to your lifestyle. 

You can start bringing mid century modern style into your home with a bar cabinet. Some bar cabinets by Howard Miller are made with mid century modern feeling and will be a perfect addition to the living room, kitchen or entertaining space.

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The suggestions below are furniture pieces made with natural materials, multipurpose functioning and geometric lines. 

Howard Miller Open Cellar II Wine & Bar Cabinet is a functional wooden piece. The natural beauty of the wood grain is accentuated by a soft lacquer finish while adjustable wine shelves store up to 20 bottles of wine.

Howard Miller Open Cellar II Wine Bar Cabinet - Home Bars USA

Howard Miller Aged Century Wine & Bar Cabinet has the stunning elegance as well as it is practical for storing your wine, liquor, and barware. 

Howard Miller Aged Century Wine & Bar Cabinet - Home Bars USA

Howard Miller Bar Cart Wine & Bar Cabinet is a minimalistic home bar, a fusion of organic and manmade materials with clean lines and warm Medium Brown finish.

Howard Miller Bar Cart Wine & Bar Cabinet - Home Bars USA

Howard Miller Cosmopolitan Bar has a simple form but was designed with an emphasis on function. This home bar provides ample work surface area while two “x” design wooden wine racks hold up to 24 bottles of wine.

Howard Miller Cosmopolitan Bar 693045 - Home Bars USA


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