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Thinking of setting up your own home game room to host a weekly game night? Turn your home into an entertainment center with a few simple steps. You can have a full scale game room in your basement or in a bonus room, or simply set up an entertaining spot in the corner in any free space of the house which can be separated from the rest of the room with curtains. Home Bars USA prepared a list with things to consider to make your one-of-a-kind game room fun and functional.


Game Room Table

Do you like to play tabletop casino games, such as poker, blackjack and others? Then the first thing to take care of is to find a perfect game table for your home game room. Choose a home game table that fits your room and style from a wide variety of existing sizes and designs.  One of the game room solutions for limited spaces is to select versatile game room furniture for added functionality, for example with a reversible or removable top that switches between a poker table and a dining table. 

versatile game room furniture convertible top poker table - home bars usa

The multi-purpose game room furniture is an excellent idea for small rooms or rooms with few different purpose zones. TheIthaca Game Table by Howard Miller is an awesome choice with its convertible top as well as with additional features, such as a storage base and drink holders. And as a bonus, this game table includes free game accessories. 

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Game Room Chairs

Each game table needs the right game chairs to keep players calm and relax. Game nights can last for hours and it is important to make sure that game room chairs are comfortable to sit in betting, bluffing and blinding for extended periods of time. When searching for a perfect set, keep in mind the style of the room, budget and functions. 

The main characteristics of a poker chair includeheight that should be properly sized for the game table, thespacebetween the seat of the chair to the underside of the table to keep legs of the players comfortable,casters to roll the chair in and out andarmrests. The brown faux leather Niagara Club Chair by Howard Miller provides a balance between style and function.

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Additional Game Room Furniture

Additional game room furniture - Home Bars USA


Game Room Bar

Poker game nights are associated with having a drink or two while playing. Even though the game table is a central entertaining piece of the room, setting a bar in a game room is an ideal addition to the space that gives you an opportunity to mix cocktails during the game. Putting a bar on the back makes it an ideal adult-friendly hangout space. Having a bar in a game room also guarantees that there is something for everyone to do. Guests who are waiting for another round can enjoy a drink until the hand is over. 

If the space of the room allows, you can set up a full bar with a bar counter, stools, console and hutch. A home bar together with a poker table makes you and your guests feel like in a real casino. TheHoward Miller Niagara Bar Set will be a perfect choice for a full scale home bar with its classic pub appearance and functionality. 

If there is not enough space for a full bar, as a good alternative you can create a cocktail corner with a bar cabinet or cart. A Hide-a-Bar cabinet will be ideal for the room that has multiple purposes. While a dining table can be turned into a game table with just a few simple steps, a hide-a-bar cabinet can easily be transformed into a bar space. 

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Game Room Sofa

The gamer room can be occupied for hours, so you need to make the space feel cozy by creating a seating area for a quick break between rounds or the guests who are not playing. Having a couch or chairs will make the game room comfortable for everyone and a great place just to hang out.


Game Room Decor

Once you set the furniture, it is time to think about the decor of the game room. Decor will make the space look complete and few decor items will reflect your personal style. Here Home Bars USA prepared some decorating ideas for the game room to make it more personalized and unique.

You can personalise the game room with some awesome wall decor. Depending on the style of the game room, you can include sophisticated wall art, a modern neon sign or a functional wall clock. 

A game room is a great space to show off your wall art. Hang on the walls your favourite pieces to enjoy them while playing a game. Plus, it is a great way to tell people more about your hobbies and interests. 

game room decor - Home Bars USA

Theneon sign will add modernity to the entire space and make it the perfect spot for a game. You can pick a neon sign that is ready or create your own custom design. Either way a neon wall decor will illuminate the whole room and at the same time adds a touch of elegance.

For a more traditional decor and sophisticated look, you can use awall clock or afloor clock to complete the decoration. The clock will remind you about time and help you to take brakes or not overstay playing. There are a number of online stores where you can purchase wall clocks of different sizes and designs.Premier Clocks have a great selection of wall clocks for any taste and budget.

To really anchor the room, place arug beneath the table. Choose something that will complement the total design of the game space. We suggest giving preference to the rugs with a bold pattern.RugKnots has high quality rugs with a wide variety of designs.


Game Room Lighting

Any game room will have a completely different atmosphere depending on the lighting that is why it is important to spend extra time on getting the right lighting. For a poker room, the lighting should be not too bright but strong enough to easily read the cards. Place a hanging pendant lamp just above the table and attach it to a dimmer switch, it will allow you to control the intensity of the light. Game Room Spot is authorized dealer of many brands and has affordable prices. 

game room table - home bars usa

Now you are ready to start hosting game nights at your home game room!


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