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Having a bar cabinet that blends in and looks sleek with your interior design is a great way to create an entertaining zone in your house. An expandable bar cabinet is a great solution to add extra space for organizing your liquor collection and essentials in one place. This type of bar cabinets will help you to entertain and serve drinks with style and the same time, it requires little space.

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What Is an Expandable Bar Cabinet?

An expandable bar cabinet is a piece of furniture that provides a space-saving solution and features storage for liquor and wine bottles. A bar cabinet expends when you are ready to party and can be folded back to take less space in the room.

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Features of an Expandable Bar Cabinet

Expandable bar cabinets can have a high variety of features making a perfect piece. Below, we are going to list the most common ones.

Expanding and Folding. The main feature of expandable bar cabinets is of course that it expands and folds. This gives the opportunity to save space in the room where it is placed. It can be a perfect solution for rooms with limited space. You can keep is open or closed

Storage. It is important that bar cabinets are designed to have enough room to store needed amount of bottles. Storage for liquor bottles and for wine bottles is different that is why when choosing a bar cabinet, you need to pay attention to what kind of storage you need more.

Display. Many expandable bar cabinets have a display area where you can show off your favorite spirits and at the same time keep them handy. It does not matter if the bar cabinet is folded or expanded, the chosen bottles are there to please your eyes. Also you can add a decorative item to style it to the rest of the room.

Wheels. Another great feature is the wheels. This makes bar cabinets even more convenient. You can easily change location of your bar cabinet - hide it somewhere in the kitchen when it is not needed and roll it out to the center of a party when the time comes.


What Are Other Names of Expandable Bar Cabinets?

You can find that expandable bar cabinets are also called by different names but in the end it is the same type of a home bar furniture. Hidden bar cabinets, hide-a-bar cabinets, folding bar cabinets, revolving bar cabinets are common names for expandable bar cabinets. All of them mean that a bar cabinet constructed in a way that one way or another it can be closed or open. Home Bars USA has written before about hide-a-bar cabinets.


What Are an Expandable Bar Cabinet Constructed Of?

There are different materials that are used to make bar cabinets. The high quality bar cabinet is usually constructed of solid hardwood. But using wood veneers and metal is also quite popular for making bar cabinets.


What Is a Popular Style of Expandable Bar Cabinets?

Just like any other piece of furniture, expandable bar cabinets can be designed in different styles. Depending on the interior design of your home, you can style your bar cabinet to blend in with the rest of the room or you can make it a focal point that will attract the attention.

Since expandable bar cabinets are relatively new invention and made for the modern lifestyle, a contemporary style is popular for them.


Where Should an Expandable Bar Cabinet Be Placed?

The convenience of expandable bar cabinets is that they can be placed almost anywhere in your home. When picking the location for your bar cabinet, think of an area where it will receive plenty of use but also doesn’t take up too much space. Since this type of bar cabinets extend, the area where you place it should be enough to allow the doors open.

One of the most popular places to have your bar cabinet are living room, dining room and lounge area. These are the areas where you most likely to have your guests or just unwind by yourself.


What Should You Put Inside and Outside of Expandable Bar Cabinets?

Any bar cabinet have space inside and outside and to create the ultimate look, you should style both.

The inside of bar cabinets is normally called storage and it is used to keep the bottles and the essentials, such as glasses, utensils, cocktail catalogue, etc. Some parts of a bar cabinet can be made out of glass (for example, doors) meaning that this part is visible. To give a better view to your bar cabinet, you can put in there your favourite liquor to show off.

The outside part of bar cabinets can feature a display and a serving area. It is better to keep serving area free but you can style the displays of a bar cabinet by placing pictures, heirlooms, decorative items, etc. This will help to create beautiful and personalized view of your bar furniture. In addition, you can add a few magazines for your guests to read while you are focused on preparing the drinks.


The Best Expandable Bar Cabinets

Home Bars USA have a few recommendations on some of the best expandable bar cabinets.


Howard Miller Sonoma II Wine & Bar Cabinet 695065in traditional style features Cherry Bordeaux color on select hardwoods and wood veneers that is lightly distressed. This bar cabinet features beautiful raised panel doors and room to store 22 wine bottles with a generous amount of room for liquor storage.


Howard Miller Tipple Wine & Bar Console 695280has beautiful style andis crafted from solid hardwood for lasting quality. This piece of bar furniture provides ample storage for stemware and bottles. This portable bar features four casters, one adjustable stemware rack can store up to 12 large wine goblets, and three adjustable shelves store up to 18 bottles of wine.


Howard Miller Cognac Wine & Bar Console 695078offers a sliding door for convenient wine and spirits storage with a capacity of 10 bottles and serving area. This handsome bar cabinet features reeded columns with acanthus leaf column caps, three beautiful raised panels on the front, antique hardware and carved bun feet.


Howard Miller Shiraz Wine & Bar Console 695084is designed in traditional style in Indian Summer color on select hardwoods and wood veneers. Each side features an adjustable shelf and storage on the inside of doors. The center of the bar cabinet features revolving doors with two fixed shelves providing additional room for bottles and glasses.


Authentic Models Art Deco Bar Cabinet is a perfect combination of features and functionality and the best way to show off your collection. This bar cabinet is designed in mid modern century style that can be a perfect fit for many interior designs and will provide a unique view to your home.

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