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Dreaming of the charms of the tropical beach where you enjoy a cocktail in a beach bar while listening to tropical music? The traditionalHome Tiki Bar will help to bring the island vibe to you without leaving your home. 

 "Don the Beachcomber" is one of the earliest and perhaps the first of what is now known as atiki bar that was created in Hollywood in 1933 by Ernest Gantt. The traditional Tiki bar look is based on the Tiki hut that can be found on islands, usually made of wood or bamboo with the trademark thatched grass roof. But the popularity of the Tiki bar increased after WWII when soldiers were looking for a place where they could escape from the war memories and the pressure from modern society. The original tiki bars flourished for about 30 years, and then fell out of vogue. A new generation of fans was inspired by Don the Beachcomber and brought back the tiki culture in the 1990s. 

If you are planning to build your own tiki bar at home, you will need to consider a few things before you get started. Home Bars USA prepared some ideas and advice for your inspiration. Your home tiki bar will depend on the space you have, your budget and on the style you prefer. 

Here are the tiki bar ideas to help get you started with your bar area:

  • Bar Counter: As it was mentioned before, the traditional Tiki bar is made of bamboo or wood. 
  • Bar Stools: When completing your bar set, it is important to have seating that will match the bar theme as well as it will be comfortable for your guests.
  • Bar Decor: From the wall and ceiling decor to the bar accessories, keep the Tiki style in every detail for the maximum tropical vibe. 
  • Bar Lighting: To create the atmosphere, add multiple sources of low lighting.
  • Bar Furniture:If you have enough space, include additional bar furniture in the Tiki theme, such as a wine rack, hutch or console. 

Tiki Bar Counter

The bar counter is the most important furniture piece of any bar. There are two choices for the home tiki bar: afixed installation and aportable bar. Just remember: bamboo is a must-have for tiki bars.

The fixed home bar installation works better for the space that can be completely devoted to the entertaining room or an outdoor place. 

For the fixed bar installation, we recommend the60" Bamboo Tiki Bar by RAM Gameroom. This tropical tiki bar is designed using all bamboo construction in natural bamboo finish with lacquer coat which makes it suitable for outdoor use. This home tiki bar includes two shelves for storing drink glasses and your favorite beverages as well as built-in stemware holders on the tiki bar ceiling. The additional perk is that the bar has two torches included.

RAM Gameroom 60" Bamboo Tiki Bar - Home Bars USA

The portable home tiki bar is a great choice when you have limited space or would like to switch from time to time the location of your home bar. For example, during the colder time of the year place at home and during the warm period of the year move to the outdoor area. 

Bamboo Tiki Bar by Bamboo54 will give to any room or backyard a tropical island makeover. This home tiki bar comes with wheeled legs for easy rolling and behind the bar, there are two large shelves for storage.

Bamboo54 Bamboo Tiki Bar Set - Home Bars USA

Tiki Bar Stools

An ideal addition to the home tiki bar are the bar stools. Tiki bar stools give more character and individuality to your home bar. When it comes to the material of the bar stools, it has more variety. You can choose among metal, wicker, bamboo, or even vintage wood. Remember that bar stools should provide maximum comfort for you and your guests. A better option will be bar stools with a profiled backrest and a convenient footrest. This way you and your guests will be able to sit comfortably for a longer time. 

Similar to the bar counter, there are a few choices of bar stools. If you plan to have your tiki bar in one place, you can choose the bar stools that fit the overall theme and bar height without worrying about material or size.

Bamboo Tiki Bar Stools by RAM Gameroom are designed in a traditional tiki style with comfortable backs. Each barstool is hand-crafted and unique, made of bamboo with a special weather and water resistant finish that makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor areas. 

RAM Gameroom Bamboo Tiki Bar Stools - Home Bars USA

For those who consider having the tiki bar in different places of home or garden, should consider having something that is made from lighter material and more versatile. Minimalist folding bamboo tiki stools are both lightweight and durable.

Bamboo Folding Bar Stool with Natural Canvas by Bamboo54 are easy to fold up and store. The classic bamboo folding bar stool goes perfectly with any bamboo bar or any outside or indoor bar for that matter.

Bamboo54 Bamboo Folding Bar Stool with Natural Canvas - Home Bars USA

Tiki Bar Decor

When it comes to the tiki bar decor, there are many choices that completely depend on the personal taste and preferences. Themost popular tiki bar decor include tiki bar signs, accessories, tiki torches, straw ceiling, nets, lanterns and much more. CheckUpgraded Home for more tiki bar decor ideas. 

Home Tiki Bar Decor - Home Bars USA

Tiki Bar Lighting

Typically in atiki space, there are a lot of low-light lamps around the room. To make it more practical add one switch that can turn off the whole room as well as personal switches for each. Another suggestion is to have its own switch for the bar counter area and its own switch for the room itself.

Home Tiki Bar Light - Home Bars USA

Tiki Bar Furniture 

It is always a good idea to have additional bar furniture depending on your needs. If you are a big fan of wine then having an extrawine rack orwine tower will help to store and showcase your favorite bottles. For those who enjoy mixed drinks, having a bar console or a bar hutch on the back will help to keep all the accessories organized and easy to reach. 

 Home Bar Furniture - Home Bars USA

No matter what tiki bar you create, remember to personalize it and add touches that will show your interests. Put on some music and enjoy your perfect tropical vibe any time of the year. 


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