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When you love having a drink in the end of the day or host a party on the weekend, a well-stocked bar cabinet can be very handy. If you do not want to worry about your liquor collection, a lock will be a perfect solution.

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What is a Liquor Cabinet with Lock?

A liquor cabinet with lock is a piece of furniture that can store a liquor collection and have a lock on the doors to keep it safe.


The Reasons to Have a Locking Liquor Cabinet

The main reasons of having a liquor cabinet with lock is because it is a safer choice and it keeps things organized without ruining the fun. But here are a few more benefits that can convenience you to choose a lockable bar cabinet.

In Case You Want to Stock It Up

A liquor or wine collection is more than just about drinks, it is a treasure that can have emotional value. It takes months or years to create a perfect collection and some of the bottles can be extremely rare. A lockable bar cabinet will help to make sure no one touches your liquor without your permission.

For Parents With Curious Kids

Kids are curios and tend to grab objects of their interest. Shiny bottles and stemware can become an easy "target" and it is better to protect them with a locking liquor cabinet. This way your liquor collection is safe from underage kids but easily accessible to you.

Perfect for a Living Room or a Home Office

If you plan to display your liquor collection in a room that have occasional visitors, you need a lockable bar cabinet to secure it from being broken or even stolen.


The Styles of Locking Liquor Cabinets

The locking bar furniture is available in all sorts of styles and sizes. Does not matter what interior design you have, most likely you will find a lockable bar furniture that fits your home.


A traditional locking liquor cabinet has the features that combine comfortable design and classic style with casual decorative details.

A good example of a lockable bar cabinet in traditional style is Bar Devino II Wine & Bar Console by Howard Miller. A classic Cherry Bordeaux finish on select hardwoods and veneers is lightly distressed to give an elegant look. It features raised panel doors and drawers with antique brass door pulls. The two front side doors lock for added security.


Simplicity is what the best can describe a contemporary style. A contemporary lockable bar furniture has high functionality and minimalistic elements.

Art Deco Whiskey Cabinet by Authentic Models has sleek and thoughtful details bringing the aesthetics and convenience of a contemporary style. Front locking doors protect your liquor collection from strong sunlight, temperature extremes, and the risk of any other damage.


A liquor cabinet with lock in transitional style has the touches of contemporary style blending in with classic elements of design.

To understand better the transitional style look at Howard Miller Barrows Wine & Bar Console. The wooden case is finished in Rustic Hardwood on select hardwoods and veneers and features heavy, artistic distressing for an aged appearance. At the same time, the metal top adds a hint of the modern look. Locking doors secure your spirits.


The Types of Liquor Cabinets with Lock

There are a few types of liquor cabinet with lock. Which one you need to buy depends on the spot you have for it and inventory of everything you wish to store in it. Home Bars USA will list the most popular ones.

Small Lockable Liquor Cabinet

A small lockable bar unit has a size that is perfect for the rooms with limited space. An additional feature, such as wheels, will help to maximize the use of the space and the piece of furniture.

Tall Liquor Cabinet with Lock

As rule, a tall liquor cabinet with lock has a narrow design and almost reach a ceiling, and it is a good solution for a space where nothing else fits. A tall bar cabinet can have a lower part with locking doors while the top which is harder to reach can be open. It will help to make your room look complete.

Locking Wine Cabinet

A locking wine cabinet has a special design ensuring that all your wine bottles and glasses fit inside and stay secure behind the doors. A wine cabinet can have various options in designs and wine bottle arrangements.

Corner Liquor Cabinet with Lock

For an awkward corner, a perfect corner bar furniture with a lock. The special corner design will look organically with the rest of your stylish interior design. While the locking doors will protect the contents.

Lockable Hide-a-bar Cabinet

To protect the contents of your collection, lockable hide-a-bar furniture is the most secure one. Most of them are designed in a way that they can hold a lot of bottles and only you decide when to share them since they are hidden from the naked eye.

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What Are Locked Bar Cabinets Made of?

When you shop a locking liquor cabinet, it is important to consider the material it is made of. The most common materials to make the cabinets are wood, metal, glass and plastic. Sometimes the material of a liquor cabinet depends on the style.

For the traditional style bar furniture, it is common to be made of wood, while for the contemporary style bar furniture, glass and plastic are important elements. The transitional style links the other two and features all type of materials.


How to Display Alcohol at a Lockable Bar Cabinet?

Once you found and assembled your lockable liquor cabinet, it is time to arrange the stock of your bottles.

The order of your bottles within the cabinet is important. We recommend to place the bottles you use the most often in front while the bottles that are more for special occasions should go back of the cabinet.

To find the perfect balance on displaying your liquor collection, one of the options is to place similar types of alcohol next to each other. It will help you to find faster a specific bottle when needed.

If there is a glass display, put there the bottles that are the most aesthetically appealing for you. Also, you can add to a shelf decorative elements, such as a picture, a sign, a cocktail menu or any other products that go well with the overall interior design.


How Much are Locked Bar Cabinets?

The price of locked bar cabinets can vary from US$200 to a few thousand. There are many factors that influence the cost. For example, the material it is made of, the brand, the size, the design, etc.


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