A Guide to the Types of Home Bars

Guide to the Types of Home Bars

You finally decided to devote a special place for your liquor collection and started looking for a home bar but got confused by all the types out there. No worries! Home Bars USA has prepared an easy guide to the types of home bars.

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How to Recognise the Type of a Home Bar

A type of a home bar depends on a criterion that is used. We have classified home bars to 8 categories. We also included links to the most types of home bars so you can check it out and have a better idea what we are talking about.


Home Bar Types By the Style

The most simple classification of home bars is by their style. Basically, there are 3 styles: Traditional, Contemporary, Transitional. 

  • Traditional Home Bar.A home bar in traditional style brings a sense of history and glamor to a space. Traditional bar cabinets usually have compartments and drawers, wine bottle storage and wine glass racks.
  • Contemporary Home Bar.The central idea of contemporary home bar style is the combination of high functionality and simplicity with the minimalistic elements.
  • Transitional Home Bar.Atransitional home bar incorporates touches of both traditional and contemporary in equal measure. The result is a balance between the elements of classic and modern design.

Home Bars Types By the Design

This category of home bars is based on the design and form. Among the popular home bars are 

  • Straight Bar. Designed to accommodate the host on one side while guests are on the opposite side.
  • Hide-a-Bar. Can be expanded to a straight bar when needed and folded to a regular cabinet when not used.
  • Wrap-Around Bar. Has extended counter space on both sides of the front part.
  • Corner Bar. Designed to fit into the corner of a room.
  • Portable Bar. Has wheels allowing it to be moved easily around the house.

Home Bars Types By the Functionality

Depending on what function a home bar will serve, you can find various types. 

  • Front Bar. Normally, it is the central piece of a bar. 
  • Bar Cabinet. Can be placed on a side of a front bar or be an independent piece.
  • Bar Console. Can be used by itself or paired with a front bar.
  • Bar Hutch. Placed on top of a front bar or bar console.
  • Bar Table. Used for comfort to place the drinks.
  • Bar Cart. A small portable furniture piece used to serve the drinks.
  • Bar Set. A combination of 2 or more bar furniture pieces.

Home Bars Types By the Liquor Type

There can be as many types of home bars as types of liquor. The most famous ones are Wine Bar,Whiskey Bar,Liquor Bar. Usually, depending on a liquor type, the home bar has the space to accommodate the specific type of bottles. For example, a wine bar will have wine racks to store wine bottles.


Home Bars Types By the Location

This one is an easy one - the type of a home bar depends on where it is placed. For example,Kitchen Bar,Living Room Bar,Game Room Bar,Outdoor Bar are the most common ones. Each of these types will have special features according to the area where it is located. 


Home Bars Types By Historical Vibe

For those who prefer a specific bar vibe and want to recreate it at home, it is possible to find home bars designed and styled for that purpose. Lately, the trends were onTiki Bar,Mid Century Modern Bar, Rustic BarVintage Bar,Retro Bar.


Home Bars Types By the Size

Home bar sizes and measurements are important to know when purchasing. It will help to decide where you can put your home bar and how much space you have to spare. 

  • Full Scale Bar. For those who have the whole room to devote for a home bar.
  • Tall Bar. If there is a space where nothing else fits or you really want a home bar but do not have much space.
  • Mini Bar. Can be placed almost anywhere as it takes very little space.

Home Bars Types By the Material

There are really no limits on what material can be used to make a home bar. Both manufacturers and DIYs use wood, glass, metal, bamboo, leather, rattan, etc.


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