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Often a living room is a place where we would like to combine calm relaxing and fun entertaining zones. A living room bar proves to be not only a practical addition that is used for preparing drinks and casual entertaining but also enhances the aesthetics of your home.

What is a Living Room Bar?

A living room bar is different from a home bar because it’s a part of a living room, they are smaller and you don’t need to dedicate a whole room. A living room bar should be fully functional and efficient. There are many variations of how to arrange a living home bar and it depends on the space you have, purposes and personal preferences. 

Where Should a Living Room Bar Be Placed?

Before you start designing a bar in your living room, it’s crucial to evaluate how much space you have and what kind of home bar furniture can fit in. Once you have an idea of the size, you can start looking for a perfect living room bar for your home.

A living room bar can be set in an empty corner with a freestanding bar cabinet or just simply a portable bar cart that can be placed anywhere around the room. If you aren’t sure where you want to have a living room bar, then choosing a mobile bar cabinet that can be moved around might be a right option for you. 

What Should a Living Room Bar Have?

What features a living room bar should have depends on how you plan on using it. But in general to make the most of a living room bar, it should have some basic essentials for relaxation and entertainment. Keep in mind that a living room bar should provide storage space for your liquor collection and a prep counter where you can pour your favorite drink or mix a cocktail. In addition, space for barware and tools will save you time to go to a kitchen and back.

Since a living room bar is located in a living room that normally has couches, chairs or other places to sit, you don’t need to worry about sitting furniture, such as bar stools or bar chairs. But if you have enough space, you can add one or two bar stools that fit your bar cabinet. 

Living Room Bar Style

The design of a living room bar is just as important as functionality. There are two ways you can design your living room bar. The first solution is to fit with the prevailing style of your home. With the high variety of home bar furniture, it shouldn’t be a problem to find something suitable for any interior design. The other approach to design a living room bar is to go eclectic and make it completely different from the style of the living room or your home in general. Whatever way you choose, the bar should blend in harmoniously with the rest of the space. 

Best Living Room Bars for Your Home

Howard Miller Passport Wine & Bar Cabinet is an ideal living room bar for the wine or spirit connoisseur. It’s complete with ample storage space, prep shelf and stemware racks.

Howard Miller Passport Living Room Bar Cabinet 695262 - Home Bars USA

Howard Miller Piedmont III Corner Wine & Bar Cabinet is a corner living room bar that combines plentiful storage with a convenient space-saving corner design.

Howard Miller Piedmont III Corner Living Room Bar 690007 - Home Bars USA 

RAM Gameroom Bar Cabinet with Wine Rack in Chestnut is a living room bar with a vintage motif that is great for keeping bottles and containers of all sizes.

RAM Gameroom Bar Cabinet with Wine Rack in Chestnut - Home Bars USA 

Howard Miller Chaperone Wine & Bar Cabinet is a simple but elegant living room bar with metal wine rack, hanging metal stemware rack and 270º door hinges that allow the doors to fold flat against the sides and out of the way.

Howard Miller Chaperone Living Room Bar 690036 - Home Bars USA

Monarch Cappuccino Ladder Style Bar Unit with stylish and contemporary design is ideal for entertaining your guests. It has a drawer, a place to hang glasses, shelf space ideal for making cocktails, and a wine rack.

Monarch Cappuccino Ladder Style Living Room Bar - Home Bars USA

Howard Miller Rob Roy Wine & Bar Cabinet is a porthole living room bar with plenty of storage and a lift-up prep shelf located inside the drawer providing additional work surface area.

Howard Miller Rob Roy Living Room Bar - Home Bars USA

RAM Gameroom Bar Cabinet with Spindle in English Tudor has "secret" side compartments with spindles (Lazy Susan design) where you can store additional bottles. This living room bar makes a great surprise when serving drinks to your family and friends.

RAM Gameroom Living Room Bar with Spindle in English Tudor - Home Bars USA

Howard Miller Stir Stick Wine & Bar Cabinet is an ideal living room bar for those looking for tons of storage without taking up much room space. The wood top is great for mixing and preparing drinks, while the wheels offer mobility and convenience.

Howard Miller Stir Stick Living Room Bar - Home Bars USA


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