A Modern Home Bar for Interior Design

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A home bar cabinet is an attractive feature in any home and it fits perfectly with modern interior designs. A modern home bar is a great solution that combines bar storage and statement décor.

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What is a Modern Home Bar?

A modern home bar is a piece of furniture in modern style that provides versatile storage for spirits and serves as a modern decor piece. It is known for having a lot of clean lines, acrylic glass and metal.


The Best Modern Home Bar Cabinets

Modern Home Bar Collection - Home Bars USA

Howard Miller Bar Cart Wine & Bar Cabinet

The Howard Miller 695222 Bar Cart Wine & Bar Cabinet is a piece of furniture that makes a statement and doubles as a storage cabinet. It has Medium Brown finish that is distressed for an aged appearance and features contrasting metal components. The ribbed detailing give it an updated Art Deco touch. 

Authentic Models Art Deco Cabinet in Black

The Authentic Models Art Deco Bar Cabinet is a perfect combination of features and functionality and the best way to show off your collection. This liquor cabinet has ample shelf space for bottle storage and unique design that can be a great fit for many interior designs.

Howard Miller Firewater Wine & Bar Cabinet

The Howard Miller 695288 Firewater Wine & Bar Cabinet has a unique rustic modern design that is sure to capture attention! It is was created for entertaining and has a ton of storage for anything and everything you could need to serve up your favorite drinks. It is perfect to store and display your wine and whiskey collections.

Howard Miller Boilermaker Bar Cabinet

The Howard Miller 695286 Boilermaker Bar Cabinet has a unique industrial modern design. Not only is it perfect for entertaining guests, but it also has a ton of storage for anything and everything you could need to serve up your favorite drinks. This cabinet is unlike anything you’ve ever seen before and is sure to be a statement piece!

Howard Miller Rob Roy II Wine & Bar Cabinet

The Howard Miller 695237 Rob Roy II Wine & Bar Cabinet is a porthole bar cabinet that features two distinctive, hinged doors with faux rivets, elongated hinges, and strap pulls. Adjustable levelers under each corner provide stability on uneven and carpeted floors.


The Common Types of Modern Home Bars

Depending on your taste, a modern bar cabinet can function for displaying your favorite liquors and as a decorative unit. Here are the most common modern home bar types.

Small Design

A small modern bar cabinet or console is perfect for limited spaces. Some small bar cabinets can fit in the tiniest area but store a decent number of bottles.

Tall Design

To save space, choose a bar cabinet with a tall corner design. Also, a tall narrow bar cabinet is great for the area where nothing else fit.

Modern Bar Cabinet with Fridge

A modern cabinet bar with wine fridge is convenient as it gives you a place to chill wine bottles and keep all your wine-related accessories in one place.

Full Scale Design

If there is enough space or you plan to devote a whole room for your own bar, a full scale modern home bar is what you need.


Where to Place a Modern Bar Cabinet?

In a modern home, you can place a liquor cabinet wherever you like, the only thing to consider is the space you have available. These functional gems are a great addition to a dining room, living room, or even home office.

In the Kitchen

A kitchen can be a great place for your bar cabinet. Ideally, you should decide whether to put it in a dry or wet area. You can discover how convenient it is by having a portable bar cart first and then replace it with a stationery liquor cabinet if you love the idea.

Against the Wall

If you decide to have a bar liquor cabinet against the wall, you need to make sure that you can secure and make it stable. Some home bar furniture has levers that can be adjusted on uneven floors. This will keep your liquor collection and glassware safe.

Standalone in a Dining Room

A standalone liquor cabinet can be a good addition to the table in a dining room. It is handy to mix cocktails after a nice lunch or dinner. If a bar cabinet has wheels you can move to a more relaxed setting and have a conversation over a drink. Also, it is a perfect solution if you do not use the bar cabinet everyday.

For the Home Office

The beauty of having a home office is that you can have there a nice liquor cabinet where you can store your favorite spirits and a few glassware. Some might say it help to sort some work issues and meet the deadlines.


What Are Modern Home Bars Made of?

Typically, when creating the modern bar furniture, the manufactures use both traditional materials, such solid wood and glass but also some new materials like laminate, stainless steel or plastic.


How to Take Care of a Modern Bar Cabinet?

The modern home bar furniture are made in a way that is it easy to clean and maintain. It is recommended to use damp cloth (slightly wet) and special cleaning products according to the material the liquor cabinet is made of. It is important to take care of the furniture regularly. With proper maintenance, you will be able to enjoy your modern bar cabinet and sustain its aesthetic for a long time.

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