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There was a time when tiki bars were incredibly popular. These vibrant Polynesian-themed bars, adorned with unique decor and bringing a laid-back atmosphere, made casual drinking trendy and introduced fruity cocktails to the world.

But then they lost their charm, becoming kind of boring and repetitive. However, tiki bars have made a big comeback recently, becoming a major trend in 2024. You might have even wandered into one without realizing it – and no, we're not talking about those beach shacks in Goa.

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Why Is It Called a Tiki Bar?

The term "tiki bar" originates from the mid-20th century and is inspired by the Tiki culture movement, which gained popularity in the United States during the 1940s and 1950s.

The term "tiki bar" refers to bars or lounges that adopt Polynesian and tropical themes. Tiki bars are typically characterized by their decorative elements, exotic drinks served in special cups, and a laid-back, island-inspired atmosphere.

What Does Tiki Symbolize?

The word "tiki" refers to the carved humanoid figures found in Polynesian and Maori cultures. The tiki in Polynesian culture represents ancestral reverence, spiritual power, fertility, guardianship, and cultural identity. It serves as symbols of ancestors, protectors, and expressions of indigenous pride and heritage.


When Did Outdoor Tiki Bars Become a Thing?

Tiki bars became a trend in the United States during the 1940s and 1950s. They gained popularity after World War II, when American soldiers returned from the Pacific and brought back with them an interest in the culture of the islands.

Key tiki bars like Don the Beachcomber and Trader Vic's, established in the 1930s, helped popularize the concept, offering visitors a taste of the tropics with exotic drinks and island-themed decor.


What Does a Tiki Bar Look Like?

  1. Thatched Roof or Canopy: Mimicking the appearance of a tropical hut, a thatched roof or canopy provides shade and adds to the island ambiance.

  2. Bamboo or Wooden Accents: Bamboo or wooden elements are commonly used for the bar counter, stools, liquor cabinets for storage and decor, contributing to the rustic and natural feel of the space.

  3. Tropical Decor: Tiki bars are completed with tropical decorations. You will notice the carved wooden tikis, palm fronds, seashells, woven mats, and colorful leis - all these elemnts create a festive and relaxed atmosphere.

  4. Exotic Lighting: Soft, warm lighting, often provided by tiki torches, lanterns, or string lights, enhances the ambiance and adds to the tropical vibe of the space, especially at night.

  5. Themed Signage: Signs and banners with Polynesian or tiki-themed motifs help set the mood.

  6. Tropical Plants: Palm trees, ferns, and tropical flowers bring life to the space. You can feel how tropical plants bring the sensation of being in an island paradise.

  7. Island-Inspired Music: The important touch is the sounds of island-inspired music. You will hear Hawaiian or tropical tunes playing softly in the background.


Types of Outdoor Tiki Bars

You can spot a tiki bar by its unique and tropical atmosphere. Having a tiki bar is a fantastic addition for your outdoor gatherings. Learn more about how to set mood with the Home Tiki Bar Ideas.

If you plan to set one in your outdoors, you need to decide on what type fits the best. Choosing between permanent, portable or custom built outdoor tiki bar, remember to take into consideration a location where you want to place your outdoor tiki bar.

Permanent Tiki Bar

A permanent outdoor tiki bar is like a backyard oasis that stays put all the time. It's a tiki bar you build in your yard or patio and leave there for good. These bars are built to last, using sturdy materials like wood, bamboo, and thatch. They're perfect for creating a tropical getaway spot right in your own outdoor space.

Portable Tiki Bar

A portable tiki bar is like having a little piece of paradise that you can take with you wherever you go. It's a lightweight and easy-to-move tiki bar that you can set up and pack away whenever you want. These bars are designed for convenience, making them ideal for parties, picnics, or even just moving around your backyard for a change of scenery. With a portable tiki bar, you can bring the tropical vibes wherever you go.

Custom Built Tiki Bar

A custom-built tiki bar is like creating your own personalized tropical retreat. Instead of buying a ready-made one, you design and build it yourself according to your tastes and preferences. It's a fun project where you can choose the materials, size, and style that suit your backyard or patio.

Whether you want a simple and rustic look or something more elaborate with special features, customize your tiki bar in a way it brings your vision to life and create a unique outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining.


What Is the Roof of a Tiki Bar Called?

The roof of a tiki bar is commonly referred to as a "thatched roof". Thatched roofs are made from dried palm leaves, grass, or reeds layered and tied together to create a covering. This type of roofing material is often used in tropical regions and is associated with the traditional aesthetic of tiki bars. A thatched roof adds to the island-inspired feeling in your tiki bar at home.


Outdoor Tiki Bars for Your Home Recommended by Interior Designers

The RAM Game Room 60" Bamboo Tiki Bar brings a fun island feel to any indoor or outdoor lounge space. Made entirely of bamboo with a natural finish, this 60-inch tropical tiki bar is both sturdy and stylish. It includes two shelves for storing glasses and drinks, along with built-in stemware holders on the bar's ceiling. Suitable for outdoor use, it comes with two torches to add to the tropical atmosphere. The matching bamboo bar stools are a great addition for a complete set.


Spice up your deck or patio with the Bamboo54 Bamboo Thatched Tiki Bar Set. This set brings an exotic touch to your outdoor space, perfect for enjoying a Mai Tai cocktail experience in comfort. Made of bamboo and grass, it includes a tiki bar with a thatched roof and two bamboo folding bar stools. The bar features two large shelves for storage. You can customized the tiki bar set with the Bamboo54 Bamboo Wine Tray Rack.


Perfect for poolside gatherings or enjoying the sun, Anderson Teak Altavista Outdoor Bar Set features a folding table top that easily accommodates more friends for drinks. Just unfold the top to expand the table, and fold it back for easy storage when not in use. Comfortably seating 4-6 people, the table offers plenty of space for bottles and glasses, while the four bar stools are both comfy and convenient with their quick-folding design. Made from solid teak, this tiki bar set is durable in any weather, ensuring it's always ready for events and outdoor gatherings.

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