Traditional vs Modern Bar Sets for Home

Traditional vs Modern Bar Sets for Home - Home Bars USA

Getting a bar set for home is not what you do on a daily basis and that's why you need to take time to find the best option for you. We are here to help you to understand the differences between traditional and modern bar sets for home, so you can make an informed decision.

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What Is a Bar Set for Home?

A bar set for home is a collection of furniture, tools, and accessories designed for creating and serving drinks in at home. A home bar set allows hosts to have a special area for mixing cocktails, serving beverages, and entertaining guests.


What Does a Home Bar Set Include?

So, what exactly goes to a home bar set? The most common version of a home bar set includes a bar table or counter and bar stools. More elaborated bar sets can also have a bar cabinet, bar console, a bar hutch, a bar cart, and bar accessories. If you don't know or can't decide what bar furniture pieces you need to include in your bar set, you can find more details in our detailed article Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Home Bar Set.


The Difference Between Traditional and Modern Bar Sets

Once you decide what kind of bar furniture you want to complete the bar set, you can move to choosing the style. The first step is to understand the difference between the traditional and modern bar sets.



  • Traditional: The inspiration for traditional bar sets comes from historical periods like Victorian or Colonial eras. The furniture of these periods features ornate details and classical motifs in their design.

  • Modern: Modern bar sets are influenced by mid-20th-century design principles. The modern elegance prioritizes simplicity, functionality, and minimalism in their aesthetic. For example, you can find a bar set with a mid century modern or art deco inspired design.



  • Traditional: A significant characteristic of traditional bar sets is rich, dark solid wood like mahogany or cherry. The hardwood solids are often combined with luxurious materials such as leather for upholstery and brass for accents.

  • Modern: Modern bar sets are typically crafted from industrial materials. Metal, glass, and acrylic, with sleek and minimalist finishes are common for contemporary bar sets.



  • Traditional: Traditional bar sets tend to be elegant and sophisticated, with curved lines, ornamental carvings, and plush upholstery.

  • Modern: Modern bar sets feature clean-lined silhouette with little to none detailing. Functional side of the pieces is prioritized over ornamentation, and often featuring minimalist designs.


Color Palette:

  • Traditional: A significant feature of a traditional bar set is warm and rich color palettes with deep hues like burgundy, navy, and forest green, along with earthy and jewel tones.

  • Modern: For the modern bar sets, it's typical to utilize a neutral color palette with emphasis on white, black, and shades of gray, with bold accent colors used sparingly.


Patterns and Textures:

  • Traditional: Intricate patterns are must for a traditional bar set. Floral, paisley, or damask details, along with textures like brocade and velvet add depth and dimension to the pieces.

  • Modern: Modern bar sets tend to use patterns and textures in small amounts. At the same time, clean, geometric patterns and smooth, matte textures are very common.



  • Traditional: If you opt out for a traditional bar sets, it will bring a certain amount of formality. It's a good option if you want to create a refined and sophisticated ambiance.

  • Modern: Modern bar sets bring a more casual and relaxed vibe. It's a right choice for you, if you are looking for open and flexible layouts that adapt to modern lifestyles.



  • Traditional: Traditional bar sets may prioritize aesthetic appeal over functionality. The elaborate designs may not offer as much storage or versatility.

  • Modern: On the contrary, functionality and practicality is the center theme of modern bar sets. The streamlined designs maximize storage space and offer versatility in use.


Traditional or Contemporary Bar Unit as a Base of a Bar Set

While pre-made home bar sets are readily available, you have the option to craft your own by beginning with a central bar unit. From there, you can gradually incorporate matching bar stools and other furnishings and accessories to complete your setup. You also can take a bar cabinet or a bar console as a base of your bar set, but we recommend to start with a bar counter.

A bar counter is the most optimal choice as it can accommodate the largest amount of people around. In addition, such features as liquor storage, wine storage, glassware rack, prep shelves, glass storage shelves, and steel footrest make it stand out from other bar units.

If you want to build your bar set in a small space, a central unit can be a bar console. It will not offer as much storage space and comfort features, but it definitely can serve as a start point for a small bar set.


Bar Stools as a Must of Bar Sets

For those who go for creating your own unique bar set, the next step after choosing a central unit is going to be to find matching bar stools. They don't have to have same design but they should be in the same style with some similar design features.

For example, we don't recommend to mix traditional and modern style, as it might look aesthetically awkward. But mixing a few different designs of the same style will bring a creative and fun atmosphere.

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