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Massage chairs appeared in the consumer market in the late 1980's and were promoted as a device that helps to relax. And indeed, when people think about massage chairs, they often associate it with relaxation. But believe us, the technology of massage chairs has developed dramatically and the benefits are far from just to unwind.

Modern massage chairs imitate human touch and are able to improve physical and mental health conditions. The desire to have regular massage sessions becomes one of the main reasons to purchase a massage chair. Having a massage chair is rather a necessary therapy for some painful conditions, not just a luxury.

Home Bars USA has prepared a long list of massage chair benefits that will convince you to get one for yourself. 

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What Are the Massage ChairBenefits for Physical Health?

The list of massage chair benefits can on and on. Some people just would like to have a good massage to release muscle tension through improved circulation, others focus on correct posture or reduce stress levels. In some cases, massage chairs are used in more serious treatment of cancer patients helping to manage pain. But we have to agree that most people seek to fight health issues with a help of regular massages.

We have picked the most popular benefits that you can get by having a massage chair. Here we go.


Reduce or Relief of Chronic Pain and Aches

Nowadays, various types of chronic pain is the major reason why people decide to get a massage chair. And it is true, using a massage chair regularly can help to soothe pain in different parts of the body. The lower back is where it would work the most effectively since it helps to relax the tight muscle and reduce the pain.

Massage chairs are a good alternative to the physical therapies for the people who suffer from chronic pain. Studies indicate that massage therapy is great for health benefits of entire body since massages are able to either significantly reduce or completely eliminate some chronic pain.

Improves Blood Circulation

Often when someone has poor blood circulation, they suffer from swelling, tension and tightness. A massage chair can help with blood circulation by increasing the blood flow through congested areas and allow new blood to flow once those areas are released. At the same time, the blood carries oxygen that helps the body function properly and heal well through the removal of harmful toxins from your body.

Lower Blood Pressure and Heart Rate

The stress of the modern hectic schedules can elevate blood pressure and heart rate that increase the risk of heart disease, stroke, damage to organs like the kidneys etc. Own massage chair at home helps to moderate high blood pressure and bring your body back into balance improving blood pressure and heart rate levels.

Refines Breathing

The long capacity can be reduced due to the muscles being contracted around the lungs caused by the improper posture. Body takes in shorter, faster breaths to compensate for the chest’s cavity. Massage chairs deliver help to relax the muscles around your lungs and expand your chest capacity to. This enables intake of more oxygen and brings back better breathing. Refined breathing is one of the benefits of massage.

Corrects and Maintains Posture

Developing bad posture can be caused by many factors but the most common one is sitting in the same position for several hours. Shoulder aches, bent spine, neck and lower back pain with the potential to cause significant complications in the future can be the result of bad posture. But the good news is that massage chairs are designed to impact the back muscle tissue which is the foundation of a posture.

In addition, the shape of the chair is forcing the backbone to align itself in its natural position. The regular use of a massage chair will help to realign your spine with its proper shape increasing the health benefits of therapeutic massage.

Improves Venous Flow and Lymphatic System

Massage therapy helps to stimulate the lymphatic system and improves flow of the fluids through our body, removing lactic acid from muscles and reducing edema at our extremities. The increased ability to process the waste products improves our core functionalities that are working after the massage more efficiently and at a more optimal level. At the same time, the increased blood flow allows better absorption of the nutritional elements into the muscles and tissues.

Improved Immune System Function and Energy Boost

A massage chair therapy helps you to relax which leads to increased activity of the white blood cells. This stimulates your immune system to work more effectively and the body can better defend itself from infections and diseases. Circulating blood removes the toxins and germs from your body, decreasing the odds of illness. In other words, a regular use of a massage chair strengthens the immune system. 

Smooth Rehabilitation and Speed Up Recovery

A massage chair therapy can help a person make a smooth transition to a normal life after injuries or diseases. The regular massage can affect the process of recovery and speed it up by providing comfort and provide relief of pain. Better blood flow also brings essential nutrients to injured areas. In addition, those involved in heavy physical activity or sports can expect a faster muscle recovery after exhausting activities. 

Massage Chairs Preventative Use

You do not have to feel pain or be stressed to use a massage chair. Even the healthiest person can benefit from regular massage therapy that will mitigate lasting damage in muscles and bones. It will keep your body relaxed, preventing any potential harm that might come to our body from our daily lives.

Sports Recovery

Physical activities and sport are good for health but at the same time can cause injuries as time goes on. Regular massage chair therapy can help to prevent that by tending the physically stressed areas and providing relief to stiff muscles. Caring for muscles in between workouts can help accelerate recovery, your body stays strong and withstand intense activities allowing you to get closer to the desired results and improve your overall performance and health.

Develops Flexibility

One of the benefits of massage is better flexibility. More optimized blood flow from a massage chair therapy will help your muscles to expand and support your bone structure better. This allows you to achieve greater results in flexibility and strength. In addition, it will help to reduce a trigger point of a restricted range of motion and sore muscles that often causes decreased flexibility.

Better Digestion

As we mentioned before, massage chair therapy improves blood circulation bringing so many positive benefits. One of them is that your body’s organs start functioning at a more optimal level and processing food and nutrients more effectively. This improvement results in the better peristaltic movement of food through the body. This is especially significant in promoting the flow of food through the lower body. You will notice the benefits of massage on your body as it gets healthier with less constipation and build-up of gasses as well as pain relief in your stomach. 

Reduce Headaches and Migraines

A massage chair therapy can help with reducing headaches and migraines by eliminating the triggers, such as exhaustion, stress, hormonal changes, irregular sleeping patterns, etc. This is due to the fact that regular massage chair sessions make your nerves and muscles work properly. With regular massages, you will notice that your migraine attacks occur less.


The heat in your body that is generated during massage chair sessions helps with detoxification and revitalisation of your skin. In addition, better digestion from massages also affects the quality of your skin. Having less toxins inside of you brings the glow of your skin outside. And the same time, the more optimized blood circulation boosts the regeneration rate of cells improving your skin look and self esteem.


What Are the Massage ChairBenefits for Mental Health?

There is so much being said about the benefits to physical health that a massage chair can bring to your life. But that is not all. We have added what benefits on your mental health you can expect. Basically, you feel better physically, you feel better mentally. 


Relieves Stress, Anxiety and Depression

Mental clarity is very important for our inner balance but the high-paced lifestyle can cause mental struggles that bring stress, anxiety and depression. Massage chairs are beneficial in fighting mental struggle and relieve stress. They use various techniques and features that help increase neurotransmitters and reduce stress. A regular massage chair therapy will help you to be more invigorated and revitalized.

In addition, by lowering heart rate, blood pressure, cortisol levels and insulin levels, an excessive use of a massage chair reduces stress on a physical level. Good massage will become an important part of your daily routine and relaxation, improving overall health.

Improving Sleep

Having less stress and anxiety means that you get to have a better sleep quality that affects your mental well being. Massagecan trigger the release of serotonin, a neurotransmitter that helps you feel calm by reducing stress hormones and improve sleep quality. Massage can also help manage pain caused by stress or injury which may also contribute to lack of sleep such as headaches, neck and back pain and arthritis.


We are not sure if it needs to be mentioned but having a massage chair at home or at work is incredibly efficient. You can fit a massage therapy session at any time of the day to enjoy the benefits they provide according to when you need it and how. Most of the high-end massage chairs have a control panel where you can adjust the settings of massage programs.

Massage chairs can provide a variable experience as you need similar to a massage therapist, allowing you to address your individual preferences and needs. On your massage sessions, you can choose between deep tissue massage. Plus, having a massage chair at home is handy and you do not need to spend time to look for massage therapists and then visit them.


Are Massage Chairs Good For Your Health?

Massage chairs are good for your health and there is no doubt. Many patients and users of massage chairs notice various benefits of massages they get regularly. The benefits include but not limited to:

  • less health issues and mood swings

  • lower overall stress levels

  • better general health and well being

  • reduce pain and fewer headaches

  • better vascular function

  • improvement in chronic condition and carpal tunnel syndrome


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